Why do we store stuff? Hubs and I have boxes and boxes of stuff stored at Hubs’ Mum’s place, cos we thought it would be crazy to take everything down to Melbourne/rural Victoria with us. Instead we took the bare necessities (and some extra stuff) and have bought bits and pieces, generally second-hand, along the way. It just seems such a shame that we have all this lovely stuff just sitting in a house, 2000km away, not being used. Having said that, I could probably only recall about 10% of the stuff that is in those boxes. If someone told me tomorrow that it had all been accidentally lost, I don’t think I would be overly devastated about it, as I wouldn’t really know what I was missing out on.

So why keep it all? We all know the reasons – “sentimental value” (Hubs and Wifey); “cos I’ll use it one day I’m sure” (Hubs); “just because, okay??” (Wifey).

Hubs has organised a working bee this Saturday to go through everything, so it will be fun to look at what is there. And I’m going to try and be ruthless and get rid of a few things. Mainly books I suspect. And maybe some things that I’ve been holding on to for way too long.

Maybe I should give my mind a bit of a clean-out as well and throw out some stuff that’s been hanging around, taking up valuable room. Like all the body-image crap I’ve been carrying around since I was a teenager. Or the desire to please other people all the time (though, I’m getting better at this one!). I wonder what else I’ll find there that I could do without…

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