I spent a few days in old Melbourne town this week, hence my absence in the blogging world. Plus, you know, I’m lazy busy. I went down to the capital to see my friend A-dele who was down from Brizzie for a conference, and I took the opportunity to catch up with a few other friends as well. I also dressed Chance in on of the very (very) few outfits that I have actually bought him:

And a way-too-cute close up to highlight the reason for the purchase:
What’s that? You’d like another one? Oh, okay then…
So clearly as soon as I saw the little feet on the onesie I simply had to buy one for my Littlefoot. Oh, and don’t tell Hubs, but I also bought it in white with silver trim for the girls we’re going to have. Hee hee!! Fun!!
The trip was HEAPS of fun and it was so nice to see our friends again. Chance hung out with his little friends who just adored him:
I was a little nervous about taking Chance on my own but I had a great trip which was made even more smooth by driving our newest member of the family, Sherry. Chance was an absolute dream and slept the whole way, there and back, and although we missed Hubs and he missed us, it gave him the opportunity to catch up on scary/non-Wifey movies (e.g. Resident Evil.) I’ll tell you about the other trip we had tomorrow…

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