Super Moon!

Hubs and I have been trying to increase our activity levels as well as our social network, so when we were invited along to a moonlight walk with the Warby Range Bushwalkers Club over the weekend, we jumped at the offer! As many as you would know, there was a “supermoon” on Saturday, and we walked about 9km enjoying the view! We met lots of lovely people and had a great time chatting with new friends we invited along as well. Hubs carried Chance in our new ergo sling and he slept most of the time. (I’m glad Hubs did the carrying – we had a “weigh-in” yesterday and Chance has hit the 8.5kg mark! And he’s only 4 months old!!)

One of the members of the walking group hosted us before and after the walk. Everyone (all 35 of us!) brought our own dinner and drinks and mingled before and after which was really lovely.

Hubs, Wifey and Chanbe at the start of the walk:

The route we took:

We had a really super time and look forward to the next walk!

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