Some days, I’ll walk on in to an op shop and emerge half an hour later empty handed. Other days, I’ll leave with half the shop in my bag. Today was one of those days. Vinnies had just put out a whole new “season” of clothes and boy did I score. The thing about op shops is that they are mostly made up of fairly run-of-the-mill brands, but some days, like today, you’ll hit the jackpot. Now, I must tell you that the clothes I bought for myself were pretty stock standard, albeit mostly new and quite nice, but I came across one of those op shop finds we all dream of: a 100% silk dress from Brown Sugar. I just had a look on line, and a dress like that would normally retail at over $100.

I paid $8. BUT. And it’s a big but. It’s not my size. And I knew it wasn’t my size when I bought it, but I just HAD to buy it? Am I right? I couldn’t let a find like that slip through my fingers! So I stood there, holding the dress, and thought of who I might be able to pass it on to, and after coming up with a few names, I made my purchase. I really hope that it fits my friend and she likes it! But if not, I’m sure we’ll be able to think of someone else to pass it on to.

I do love op shop shopping!!!


  1. I’m afraid so my dear! I think it would actually be a bit too big for you anyway (I did think of you!) If you try stuff on in the shops, you know what fits so you can order it on line after!

  2. Hmmmm…..have you had any volunteers for the dress yet? 🙂 I had a look on their website and it looks like they have some lovely stuff…if only I was brave enough to buy clothes over the internet!!!

  3. Absolutely. That’s why i asked the question. Taking something in is waay more doable than adding bits (or finding matching bits to add). Good decision. 🙂

  4. Have you been talking to Hubs? That’s what he said 🙂 If it were too big, I could alter it, but it’s a good 2 sizes too small which would mean adding panels, and to be honest, this is both beyond my current skill level and my inclination level. I am very happy to give it to my friend who will no doubt get much more wear out of it than me at this stage of my life!

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