The Cake

Step one: find an awesome vanilla cake recipe

Step two: mix ingredients and choose colours

Step three: bake first layer, which happens to be blue
Step four: break layer when getting it out of pan

Step five: be sad about this

Step six: be happy about your new hair cut and colour! (where applicable)

Step seven: watch as the other layers come out wonderfully!

Step eight: make your ganache and frosting, and colour to your heart’s desire!

Step nine: start layering

Step ten: keep layering!

Step eleven: frost the outside of the cake (be generous with this “layer” of frosting)

Step twelve: whack the ganache on top.

Step thirteen: take a cute photo of your son.

Step fourteen: decorate your cake as desired. Don’t tell your friends, or whomever you’re eating the cake with, what’s inside, and enjoy their oooohs and aaaahs!

Yum yum yum yum YUM!!

Any questions? I’ll be happy to help if I can. (I got most of my help from the internet.)

Also, there’s 14 steps because I can’t stop on 13. And I noticed I have 13 followers on my blog. This is not sitting well with me. Maybe someone could help me out? 🙂

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