And…. we’re back!

We have internet connected!! I’m really rather impressed that it happened so quickly in the end! And, I had only scheduled posts up until Sunday so I just scraped in!

The move went really well, due in no small part to the help from my parents. They looked after Chance while we got stuck into the packing, moving, and cleaning the old place. Then once we were in our new place, they cooked, cleaned and babysat while we settled in. They left this morning and I’ve already noticed all the extra things they had been doing (washing, doing the dishes, cooking) that I now have to get used to doing again! It was so great having them around and I’m already looking forward to Mum coming back down in 10 days to stay with Chance and I while Hubs is in Shep for 2 weeks of orientation. But that’s a story for another day.

We also had help from our friends Kyra and Stephan and little Frederick. Thanks guys!! Can’t wait to have you back here for a holiday sometime. 

We love the new place. The extra space is fantastic, and Mt Beauty is such a cute little town. We had our friends Mick (Hubs’ med friend) and Lea (Chance’s Godmother) and their 2 kids stay with us over for a few days. We went up to the snow on Sunday – photos to come – and generally just hung around and had a great catch up. It was so wonderful having them around, and having a really full house. This is what we have missed so much – having friends and family stay with us. We can’t wait for the next lot of visitors to come!

Hubs went snowboarding yesterday and is going again tomorrow so he’s already putting his season pass to good use. I’ll leave the update there for now, and share more with you in the next few days.

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