He said he’d caaaaaallllll!!!

I thought, once I was married, that I wouldn’t have to wait for a guy to call me, after he had promised to do so. But I forgot that I still had to deal with real estate agents. Our washing machine stopped working 11 days ago, on a Friday night, and I reported it to the RE agent on the Monday morning. We went to Wang til Thursday night, and on Friday arvo, after picking Chanbe up from Childcare and having coffee with a friend, I popped in to the agent’s office to ask how things were progressing.

“Oh hi Renae. Yeah, um, the guy who fixes washing machines is on holidays til the 20th of October.”

“Riiiiiight. Is there anyone else who could fix it?”

“Yeeeeah, we’re going to try someone over in Bright.”

Wifey’s thinking: Going to? You found out that this guy is on holidays 4 days ago and you haven’t rung anyone else??? And now it’s Friday afternoon. Yeah. Good luck. “Okay, well keep me posted!!!!”

I hadn’t heard anything by yesterday arvo so I gave them another call at 9:05am today.

“Yeeeeah, we were following that up yesterday. I’ll call you back in 10 or 15 minutes.”

It’s been 45 minutes. I have 4 loads of washing to do. Luckily a new friend of ours (a receptionist from the medical centre lives just around the corner and has very kindly offered her washing machine for use this morning (and any time) but that’s not the point!!!


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