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I’m a bit excited to publish a post that has been requested by one of my readers! After mentioning my new purse, I have been asked to show it off. I’m also trying to take better photos, so let me know how I go!

Here’s my old purse that I bought at the Queen Victoria Markets on a trip to Melbourne in 2005 to visit my friend Ezza. (Yes, that’s pre-Hubs!) It’s leather and it cost me $35 which I think is a real bargain. Especially since it lasted me almost 7 years!

It had loads of space for all my cards – 14 pockets in all! And you better believe that I used every single one of them, some of them with 2 or 3 cards!
And you can see the blu-tac marks from where I had one of my photos
Enter, my new purse (with one of Nanny’s old coffee cups, as well as one of her crocheted creations!)
This photo was taken before Hubs got home.
And this one was taken after I learned about aperture! (again)
This purse is also leather and it cost me only $15!! BARGAIN!!
The purse doesn’t have nearly as many card slots, but I was looking to downsize the crap cards in my purse
So even though there’s still a fair few bits and pieces of paper, I’m being more diligent about not keeping lots of stuff in my purse. (Although this backfired when I threw out my Coles docket and realised that I’ve bought a bulk 4kg box of washing powder that’s front loader for our top loader machine. Hopefully I can convince them to exchange for me!!)
I chose this colour and pattern as it suggests a level of sophistication, as well as a bit of playfulness. There were lots of colours and patterns to choose from, but this one really grabbed my attention.
It usually takes me a while to adjust to a new purse, but I instantly loved this one. If anyone would like me to purchase one for them, I would be happy to visit the market in a few weeks time to pick one up for you! (Just email me or leave me a comment and we can make arrangements!)

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