Broken in 2…

…places. So you know how I’ve been struggling a little lately with our current lifestyle? Well apparently God thinks I can handle more.

Let me set the scene for you. I was walking around KMart, shopping for various items, and was on my way to look for some magnets for Chanbe to play with on the fridge, when somehow I twisted my foot, tried to correct it, and fell on top of it. I heard a crack and the pain hit me straight away.

So as I was lying on the floor in KMart, politely asking (yelling/crying) for help, Chanbe was sitting in the trolley wondering what on earth was going on. Some staff rushed to my aid and an ambulance was called. I was mortified! But what can you do? I rang Hubs who came down to pick up Chance and the car and they met me at the hospital.

In the ambulance I was given this green tube thing to suck on for pain relief. It. Was. Awesome! I don’t know if it was because Hubs works at the hospital, or if their care is always that great,  but I seemed to get extra fantastic treatment, getting x-rays, CT scan, diagnosis (2 fractures) and temporary cast in under 3 hours.

Last night I was feeling completely deflated, but am feeling slightly better today. We are currently in Wang and staying with one of the mums from my mothers group who is being amazing, helping to look after Chance, and I’ve had lots of offers of help that I will have to learn to accept.

Mum is coming down on Sunday to help which will be much needed. I still keep wondering how on earth this happened, but I guess I just have to get on with it. If you believe in prayer, I’d appreciate the support. I know it could be much worse, but I just really didn’t need this right now.

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