4th time lucky??

I’m hoping this will be the last post I do about my cast/s. I had to go back to the doctor today to get my cast looked at, as it was quite loose and I could move my foot around a lot. I figured it wasn’t really serving its purpose and I was right. So I had to have that one taken off, and a new, fibreglass one put on. I’ve gotta say, I imagine the “saw” they use to remove casts would be quite scary for kids. I’m not afraid to admit that I was a little intimidated by it!

So this is my forth, and I’m hoping my last, cast. (well, there were 2 back slabs and 2 casts.) I wasn’t offered any colours as they only had the clear fibreglass at the clinic 🙁 (Incidentally, I would have chosen purple.)

I’m hoping I’ll have more to write about in the coming weeks as we have Hubs’ Dad and Nanna coming to visit this weekend, my Aunty is coming down Sunday week, and Hubs and I are going away to Melbourne, just the 2 of us in a couple of weeks. You know, to sit on a different couch for a few days…

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