Self portrait

You know how sometimes you grab your camera or phone, take a photo of yourself and go “wow! That’s awesome!” And sometimes it takes a few more goes (and adjusting some settings) before you’re even remotely happy with the outcome? That happened to me the other day. I started out with a little of this:

But it kind of made my nose look bigger than it is, plus I didn’t like the angle (or the background). 
So I tried this:
Kind of a “glancing up all sultry-like”, but I just looked dopey.
Speaking of dopey:
I’m not exactly sure about what look I was going for there, but I realised I need a hair cut and colour.
Then came this one:
…where I went from dopey to goofy. And realised I also needed to WASH my hair.
By this stage I was getting a little bewildered:
So I moved inside for a change of scene. 
And a change to black and white:
Aaaaaah. That’s getting better (though, my nose still looks a bit big. Or maybe it just is). 
Do I really need to push my luck?
Turns out, yes I do:
I think that was supposed to be my bedroom eyes shot. Oops (and poor Hubs).
And then we went back to goofey.
The purpose of this “shoot” was to get a new profile pic, which I did (I used the first b&w one) but have decided that once we move house, and I get my hair coloured and trimmed, I’m going to ask Hubs very nicely to take some headshots for me. That way, hopefully, we won’t have to go through this exercise again… 🙂

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