Taking deep breaths…

…and knowing that we’ll be settled in to our new place 2 weeks from now. But for now, the chaos continues. We have to be out of our current place tomorrow, and we only just found out a few hours ago that we can’t move in to our new place until the 13th of April. Which was the original date they told us, just before telling us that the current tenants want to leave earlier so we might be able to move in earlier. I’ll admit it. I got my hopes up WAY too high on that one. I was convinced that we would get a phone call last week saying “you can move in over the weekend” and everything would work out a little too perfectly.

I know that this isn’t a big deal, and we have had 3 offers to stay with people here in MB in the interim which is so generous and lovely. It’s just not what I had planned in my head. But life sometimes throws us these curve balls and you’ve just got to roll with the punches. (anyone for a cliché sandwich?) It will just make moving in to our new home all the more sweeeeeeet…..

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