Being left behind

(Quick update: We’re back home in Wang! Woo!! It’s cold and rainy. Boo.)

For the better part of the last year, I have been getting around to updating/upgrading/overhauling my blog. I have considered, a number of times, outsourcing this job to someone who has a clue, but then my stubbornness (read: poverty) gets the better of me and I figure, “it can’t be that hard!” So I started playing around with a few ideas and in January, recruited my friend who is a graphic designer, to help me with my masthead, as graphic design is definitely something I have no idea about. And now that that’s done, I’ve changed my mind about the name, which means more work to be done that I can’t really do. Ooops. Plus I had to decide on who to host my domain name with (I don’t even know if I’m saying this right, let alone doing it right!!) which Hubs helped me with. We set that up today.

And now there’s lots of fiddly things to do that I’m trying to learn how to do. The thing is, I never used to be this useless. I used to know how to do things like edit photos, resize them and send them to people, and use programs like publisher, and I even did some intranet page designing in one of my jobs, but we don’t have mainstream software (we use open source software) and I’ve really lost a lot of my skills, as I just don’t practice often enough. Another problem is that we don’t have a designated computer space that’s ready to go at all times; ready for photos to be downloaded; ready for photos to be printed; ready for me to just sit down and get my sh*t sorted.

And I feel like the internet/blogging world is leaving me behind. It makes me sad. I feel like I have all this potential, but I’m treading water, waiting for all my ducks to line up before taking the next stop. The problem is, the ducks are in very real danger of getting run over as they sit in the middle of the road, waiting.

But today we set up the domain name. I’m hoping to do some tweaking on my masthead, and am hoping to be up and running in the next few weeks. If you have any tips for wordpress (where I’m moving my blog to) or having a .com, I’m all ears. I just keep thinking “surely it shouldn’t be this hard!!!!”


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