Is it too late?

Is it too late for me to find my style? I used to have some sort of style, but have never been stylish, if that makes sense. I used to wear A-line skirts and fitted tops, to highlight my small (ish) waist, and match my jewellery to my outfit (one of the things Hubs first noticed about me!) but these days, I’ve taken to wearing the same thing day in, and day out, and either not wearing jewellery at all, or never changing it.

I have lots of lovely dresses that I’d love to wear but they either don’t fit, or are unsuitable for breastfeeding. Plus, I used to love wearing my hair out, either blow-dried or straightened, but it’s too hot to do that up here (yes! STILL!!) so it goes up in a pony tail each morning and doesn’t move til I go to bed at night.

I’ve never been particularly good at keeping up with what’s in, and what suits my figure, especially since having kids. And not having the money to hire someone to tell me what to wear, or purchase fancy new stuff, or the time to sift through op-shops and bargain racks, has left me in a bit of a jam.

But I’m determined, especially with the cool(er)(ish) weather just around the corner (please please please!!!!!!!!!!) If anyone has any tips on where to start, that would be super helpful!!

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