Progress update

I kicked off my 101 in 1001 this week, and already have a few things started:

  • I’m currently completing my 3rd week of the Couch 2 5k program and it’s going quite well (001)
  • I have been making a conscious effort to think something positive about myself every day. A few examples: I don’t cringe when I look in the mirror; “you’re looking good today!” “That hair cut really suits you!” And I gave myself a mental high five last night when I went for my run and felt great after it. I think it has improved my self esteem already, so look out for Wifey in 1001 days!! (032)
  • I have so far worn 2 different pieces of jewellery from my “archives” 🙂 (041)

Nothing mind-blowing or completed as yet, but it’s early days!

Mum is arriving tomorrow for a couple of weeks, so I’m looking forward to a bit more sleep and some chats over coffee. And hopefully ticking a few things off my list!

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