Better lazy than never?

Hey y’all. I haven’t forgotten!! I know I told you in this post that I would reveal what I bought for Hubs for his birthday this year, and I really and truly have been meaning to get around to taking photos of the gifts to show you, but it just hasn’t happened. And our camera lens just broke. Yay. Not sure what that means for holiday snaps, but we’ll figure something out.

So, here’s the not-so-great reveal! Did you guess any of them correctly!?

  • The Doctor is in: stethoscope cufflinks (I almost typed handcuffs instead of cufflinks! Oh dear…)
  • A long cuddle: a body-length pillow. He was using 5 pillows at one stage. This is a time and space-saver 🙂
  • Pot of gold: I bought Hubs his very own Potjie Pot! (pronounced “poykee”)
  • A collection starter: his first big box of adult Lego (as opposed to Duplo)
  • Just in case: I sewed a pillow case for his body pillow, using the logos and pictures from old t-shirts that he no longer wears but didn’t want to part with.
  • Instructions: a recipe book for Potjie (from his Mum!)
  • A puzzling link: rubix cube cufflinks
  • Go go gadget: Working USB cufflinks – so nerdy and cool!
  • Rusky business: some rusks that I ordered when I bought the potjie pot. 

So yes, Hubs was very much spoilt this birthday. Seeing as how he didn’t really get anything last year, it was fun to splurge a bit. That just means that Fathers Day might be a bit light on this year… 🙂

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