It’s not easy being green

I’ve been pretty slack with my fruit and vege intake lately, and I’ve been reading a lot about these “green smoothies” the world is into at the moment. So I thought I’d give it a go. I chose a fairly inoffensive-sounding one to start with; spinach, apple, honey, cinnamon and almond milk.

It sure looked pretty!! Unlike my face while I was drinking it.

Oooooh. It wasn’t great. It was quite bland, but at the same time, very sickly sweet. I really had to force myself to finish it, and it gurgled away in my tummy for the rest of the afternoon.

I think I’ll just stick to my salads and stir frys for my vege intake, and make sure I eat fruit when I give it to Chanbe twice a day. Though, in the interest of not judging too quickly, I may try another combination, so if you have a favourite, send it my way!! Please!?

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