Busy Brizzie

Actually, it’s not busy at all. I just like how “busy” rhymes with “Brizzie”. Ummmm…. yeah. Let’s move on.

We arrived in Brisbane yesterday after a very successful, easy flight, thanks to Hubs’ Mum accompanying us after spending a few days with us in Townsville. Chanbe was a superstar and Quindy was delightful, albeit rather squirmy! I had a great night sleep last night, apart from Quinn being wide awake from 4-5am, as I didn’t have to wake up until after 9. Felt amazing! It’s lovely and cool down here, so I got to get under the covers which was so nice.

I really don’t have much planned other than making pierogi with my cousin on Friday, going to another cousin’s engagement party on Saturday evening, and catching up with Hubs’ sister and her girls on Monday afternoon/evening. Oh, and it’s mum’s birthday on Saturday, so it would be nice to do something special then too. There are other things to do, sure, but it’s nice to just laze around a bit and not be rushing around.

I’m feeling very positive at the moment. We have a lot on our plate (nothing new there) but in general, I’m just feeling very optimistic about life, which is giving me energy. It looks like we’ll be heading to Mt Isa next year – Hubs’ hometown! He grew up there and left when he was about 13 years old. We know it will have changed a lot, but we are excited about the new challenge this move will bring. It’s somewhat hard, as we are quite enjoying our lifestyle in Townsville, but this is a different opportunity for us, and we just feel we’d like to give it a go. And after that? As usual, who knows!?

So here I am. Just kicking back. A bit different to a year ago!

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