Soothing the soul

Hubs warned me before we moved here, that Mount Isa doesn’t get much rain. When we arrived, I was really taken aback by how dry and dusty the town is, and thought “well, this is how it’s going to be.” The total rainfall for 2013 in this area was 69mm. For the whole year!!!

Just before Australia Day weekend, rain was predicted. Some locals were talking about how they’re “due for a good soaking”. But most were sceptical. Rain had been predicted before, and had never come. But it happened. On Monday the 27th, the clouds grew heavy and down it came. Not for long, but over the next 3 weeks, it rained every few days. And now, the grass is greener, there are flowers out (very few, but they’re there) and a plant in our garden bed is threatening to take over the courtyard. So far this year, the region has had 120mm fall.

The weekend just gone, it rained almost the whole time. What is it about rain that soothes the soul? I was happy and calm. I wasn’t irritable. I felt like myself. I mentioned recently that I was looking for something. Maybe it was the calm that washes over me when I feel like “myself”.

Today, the sun is out, and although it’s not too hot (yet) I already feel more energised from my weekend. The house is still a mess (where on earth are we going to find space for all this stuff???) and Chanbe has been getting in to bed with us EVERY NIGHT for the last 3 weeks which results in broken sleep for the 3 of us, but I feel calm amongst the storm that is settling in to a new town.

I’ve been going to the gym regularly since we arrived which has been great for my energy levels and my general mood. I have a plan of action today, and a to-do list with about 10 things on it. I’ve just had a lovely coffee (home made) and Chanbe is happily watching Despicable Me. I’m ready. I feel like Wifey again. It’s been a while, but I’m ready to get back on the ride!

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