Leaving “home” to come “home”

Hubs and I left Brisbane and moved to Melbourne in June 2008, just before I started this blog actually. Every place we lived in from then on, I seemed to prefer to Brisbane. Melbourne had amazing coffee and beautiful food, the public transport was incredible, and Hubs and I were newlyweds living in an exciting town, exploring it together. Wangaratta was a nice change of pace and it was where our little Chanbe was born. Mount Beauty was, well absolutely beautiful, and we met some lovely people there.

In the time we lived in Victoria, whenever we visited Brisbane, I always complained about how bad the traffic was getting, and I was generally excited to get back “home” (ie wherever we were living at the time).

I wrestled with so many emotions during my trip to Brisbane in the last fortnight. It brought up feelings in me that I hadn’t felt about the city in a long time. I was homesick for my hometown. I miss my friends who have made so much effort in the last six years to keep in touch and to catch up when I’m in town. And my family. I miss my family so much.

I miss the city I grew up in.

As I was driving to West End on the second day of my trip to meet up with a friend for some yoga (and wine) (together!) (Best. Yoga. Ever!!) I went through the northern suburbs where I attended church and youth group, and later became a youth group leader; I passed friends houses I used to drive to for Melrose nights back in the 90s; I drove the familiar route from Aspley to Kelvin Grove, and reminisced about all I had been through in those streets and suburbs. I drove past my old primary school, high school and uni (all in the same block) and through the city where many a fun night was had with my gal pals.

I had come home. And it hurt that it was only going to be for a short time.

Of course my home is where my Hubs and family are, but I just wish that physical place was Brisbane at the moment. I’ve kind of touched on how I’m finding it a bit tough up here, but it runs much deeper than that. I know it’s early days, and things might turn around, but Hubs and I are wondering if we made the right choice moving out here. Hubs has had a few disappointments at work which has taken away from his enjoyment of the job, and I am really struggling in our very small house with no yard. And there’s really not much to do here with the kids in the afternoons. It’s a question of “do we go to the lake, to the family fun park, or the pool?”

And it’s so hot. So so so hot.

Hubs and I are already talking about where we want to move to next year and the list just keeps growing! So far we have discussed Cairns, Perth, Broome, Melbourne, Ingham, Brisbane, Bundaberg and even South Africa! Hubs and I have come to the realisation that the “place” we move to isn’t going to make us happy, instead it’s our attitude and feelings towards our life that will determine our happiness. We know we have to stop looking outwards at things and places for happiness, and start looking within. Which means regardless of how we feel about being in Mount Isa, we can be happy here too.

It just might take a bit more effort than we thought. Now. It’s Sunday afternoon. We went to the lake this morning, and the pool is closed, so it looks like it’s off to the family fun park!


  1. While I was reading this I was reminded of this Bible verse: ‘So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God’ Eph 2:19. It has brought me a lot of comfort over the years when I’ve been far from home, so I hope it might bring some comfort for you. Praying that you can find your ‘family’ in Mt Isa.

  2. Thanks Amy. I appreciate your encouragement and support from afar! Perth does look rather tempting – just have to wait and see Where Hubs Wants to take his career!

  3. I hear you! We haven’t been away from Brisbane long enough to miss it yet, but I can see myself getting homesick eventually.

    I also think I’d struggle with the heat. Brisbane summers were bad enough, thank you.

    I’ll throw a vote in for Perth. The weather is simply GORGEOUS here. It hasn’t rained since about October, and the heat is really manageable- it’s dry, not humid and sticky. There are stretches of gorgeous beach everywhere, and hardly anybody is native here- everyone moved from somewhere, which means that the community is really adopting of newcomers.

    The two things I don’t like about it is that it’s slow paced compared to Melbourne, and it’s so expensive to get back home for visits, really limiting our ability to be involved in special events.

    Will say a prayer for you guys as you try to adapt to your new home, and consider your next move.

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