The Mount Beauty Airport

You know how kids latch on to things and suddenly it’s all about that thing? Whenever we see a plane taking off or flying in the sky, I ask Chanbe where he thinks it might be going. This question has been met with all sorts of answers, generally places we have previously lived. And lately, for some reason, it’s been all about Mount Beauty. Every plane we see is on its way to Mount Beauty.

There isn’t even an airport there, but I don’t want to dash the little guy’s hopes. I’m sure the air strip where Hubs used to go gliding can handle all the extra traffic.
I’m also a big fan of his pronunciation of “Mount Booty”. We often wonder how our friends down there are going; how the lovely folks we met at the church are travelling along; who is now enjoying the amazing view of Mount Bogong from our old living room. That’s the thing about moving so much. You have the privilege of meeting extraordinary people from all walks of life, but then there are so many good byes to be said and so many people to wonder about.

I know the same will happen when our time comes to leave Mount Isa, and I’m sure I’ll wish I made more of an effort and complained less, so it’s certainly something I’m going to keep in the back of my mind on my return in a few weeks. Hubs leaves tomorrow to head back to work while I swan around and socialise 🙂 It’s been a really nice little family holiday and although we’d love it to continue, real life awaits.

On that note, I’m going to have a nice hot shower and get under a nice warm doona with Hubs. Too much info? Too bad 😉

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