The end is nigh

I can’t believe my Nablopomo is almost at an end! Since my first post was on the 7th of May, my final post will be the 6th of June. That works, right? And, um, that’s Friday. It’s been quite a challenge posting everyday, and not just resorting to photos (too much). I’ve enjoyed the extra writing, and finding things to talk about even when not much is going on. I have a couple of things planned to write about for the next 2 days, but nothing for today really. I just read over that first post and remember the feeling I had when writing it. I felt tired but optimistic that the following month would be a nice, Wifey-focused month. And it definitely has been that. It’s been really lovely and I have had so much time to myself as well as with family and friends which is what I wanted and needed.

My parents have had an amazing time, as usual, with the kids, and I love how familiar Chanbe and Quindy are with them. I do often wonder what it would be like living in the same city as my parents full-time, but I don’t dwell on this. I know the time they have with the kids is so special and that I get just as spoilt when we stay here, so I chose to enjoy what we have, not wish for something that may or may not be “better”.

It’s also put me in a better frame of mind for our return to Mount Isa on Sunday. I just want to get home to Hubs and even though I know things aren’t going to be dramatically different, I have a few strategies to cope a bit better this time around.

2 more posts and 4 sleeps to go 🙂

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