Boredom’s a funny thing

There’s been a lot going on up here in the last 7 days. But it’s all been emotional, mental stuff. Hence why I’ve been a bit absent on the blog. I’m not quite ready to get into it all just yet, but soon.

The thing is, I’m completely exhausted, but if I take a look at what I’ve done this week, there is no reason for it. I’m bored. So so bored. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of stuff that I could/should be doing, but it’s mostly day-to-day stuff that doesn’t get me terribly excited. I have so much time on my hands, that I keep thinking “I can do that later/tomorrow/the next day.” And then a week goes by, and the dining room table is still a mess, the dumping corner is out of control, and blog posts haven’t been written.

Thankfully I have kept on top of all the washing and am managing to keep the rest of the house relatively tidy. I just don’t have much for me at the moment, and I need to find something, fast, before I drive Hubs and myself crazy.

Before Hubs and I moved to Melbourne, I was always busy. A night off was a luxury and I appreciated down time. When we left all of our family and friends in Brisbane, it took a lot of adjusting to a more quiet life. We still had lots of social engagements, but nothing like we used to. And then once I stopped work to look after my babies I’ve gotten progressively more light-on with things to keep me occupied.

I know I’ve said it before, but I keep thinking “once we settle down I can find something for me” but surely I can find a temporary hobby/interest to keep me sane in the next few months? I’m really hoping to pick up more weddings, wherever we move to next year. I’ve loved planning the 4 weddings I’ve currently got on my books. It gives me a creative outlet, and gives me time away from the day to day stuff.

I know that the busier I am, with meaningful things. the more motivated and productive I am in general. Maybe this year’s Christmas card can start being planned; maybe I can put together some more stuff for my celebrant business; maybe once the dining room table is clear, I can start on some hand made cards. There. A few ideas. It’s a start.

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