I’m ready


Feel free to take a guess as to which one I’ll be needing! I have a feeling it’s going to be a girl, and a few other punters share that thought, but feel free to put your own 2 cents in!

I’m due in 2 weeks. Yes. That’s right. Not that that actually means anything – only 5% of babies are born on their due date. But I’m ready, in more ways than 1.

Except I hope the baby doesn’t come early. Let me explain.

The kids and I are in Brisbane. Hubs hopped on a plane to Canberra yesterday for a locum position starting tonight and finishing next Monday morning. Mount Isa is currently experiencing temps of 30 (min) to 40 (max) and I’m sure you can understand how much that excites me, and how much that makes me want to rush back up north. The baby is head down, but not engaged, and is quite happy to play bongos with my organs/pelvis/ribs/bladder.

So as much as I want an outside baby, what I really want is to be “home” (Mount Isa) with Hubs, instead of trying to decide when to fly back, having to consider all sorts of things.

I’m not particularly stressed about it, I just wish there was a way to know for certain what the best date to fly back would be. At this stage, my 3 “options” are this coming Satruday, next Monday afternoon, or the following Thursday which is Chanbe’s birthday. I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday, so I’m hoping to make my decision after that!


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