We’re home

The doctor’s gave me the go-ahead to come home today. That is the shortest hospital stay I’ve had post-baby, and even though I thought I’d want to stay longer, I was actually itching to come home and get on with our new life.

I’ve unofficially decided to do an unofficial NaBloPoMo for Darby’s first month in our family. I often think back to the first month with Chanbe and Quindy, and really don’t remember much, so it would be lovely to have a bit of a record of what life with a newborn is like; to look back on and reminisce.

So today, we arrived home around 11:30am. Hubs suggested we do the whole “buy a gift for the older kids from the baby” thing which we didn’t do with Chance and Quinn, and to be honest, I think it was just an excuse for Hubs to buy more Lego, but it went down well. Chance is very keen to give Darby lots of cuddles and wants to share his food and toys with him which is just making my heart explode. Quinn on the other hand, hasn’t taken too kindly to the “noisy baby” as she calls him. No doubt she’ll come around, but I can just see the possibility that Chance might be protecting Darby from Quinn in the months to come!

Oh the irony 🙂

He basically just fed and slept today which was lovely to ease into it all. He’s just had a big-ish feed and now it’s off to bed for us all. I have made this an unofficial NaBloPoMo so as not to put unnecessary pressure on myself, but I do plan to post at least most days. Even if it’s just ate, slept, repeat…

Thank you for sharing this lovely time with us!

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