The West Wing

As per #097 of my 101 in 1001, I wanted to finish watching The West Wing. I know. The series ended almost 10 year ago. What can I say? The day I went into hospital to have Darby, I had a mere 7 episodes to go for the whole series. I batted my eyelids and asked Hubs very nicely if he would copy them over onto my phone so I could watch them in hospital while I was playing the waiting game. Hubs obliged (he always does.)

It was totally worth the wait. I loved the series so so much and never got bored of it to the very end. And am I the only woman who has a huge crush on Josh? Surely not. He’s just too adorable. There were a few things that happened in the final episodes that tied everything together nicely that left me feeling completely satisfied.

So, another item to cross off the list!


  1. I loved the West Wing! Going to leave it for a few more years and then re-watch the series over again.

    We watched House of Cards this year, it’s like ‘West Wings for grownups’. Excellent show, but beware!

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