A great insight

I remember when my friend went from having 2 kids to 3. I only had 14 month old Chanbe at the time and was enjoying motherhood, especially since he was finally sleeping through the night.

When I visited my friend, I asked her what having 3 kids was like, and I still remember her reply: There are always 3 things that need to be done immediately but you can only choose 1. Right now the breakfast dishes need clearing, I need to get dressed, and my cup of tea needs drinking. Okay so the last one is not necessarily pressing but gee it makes me feel better in the morning. Oh, and write a blog post. And do the folding.

It’s very true, and I’m learning to adjust and try and choose one thing at a time. Obviously when Darby needs feeding the choice is simple, but when war breaks out between the other two at the same time, things get interesting. I’m trying to let them sort themselves out and that mostly works which is good.

I’ve had a few outings with the 3 of them which have gone really well and I plan on taking them to the pool this week. That will be interesting. We went to church on Sunday and meet some nice people and we’re going to their playgroup this morning.

I think Rocky is going to suit us 🙂


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