Oh boy

Wow. What a day. The cyclone was pretty crazy and a little bit exciting at times. This was our view for the day:


And the rains came down…


We watched as the water rose up in line with our trailer. Thankfully it held on and I believe everything inside remained dry!

Weer lost power very early on and it’s still off. Apparently it will be days if not weeks before it is restored.

And then there’s the new place.


We went over to clean up today. I don’t have the brain space to even think about our next move right now. We’ll just see what tomorrow brings.

It could have been a lot worse.


    1. Thanks Amy. Perth sure is looking good right about now! Hubs suggested we head to Brizzie with my parents and he’ll stay here to work. We’ll wait til power comes back on and then head back.

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