No good deed goes unpunished

“Do you have any hobbies?”

“Ummm… what? Yes. Yes I do. Ummm… I’m sure I do!”

Think McFly think!

“I like to walk my kids to kindy?”

Why was the physio asking me this question anyway??* I was here to get my back looked at/fixed, not put on the spot with difficult questions!

You see, last Thursday, I decided it would be a delightful idea to take my children, along with their Poppy, to the Rockhampton show. Which is much like the Ekka but on a much smaller scale, or like the Cloncurry Show, but on a larger scale.

The kids (and Poppy) at the start of the day:


Rocky show 3

Sidebar – I can’t believe I never got around to blogging about the ‘Curry show! Chanbe raved about that day for months afterwards, and still refers to any kind of show as the Cloncurry show. So cute. Short version: We had an absolute blast at the ‘Curry show. Let me see if I can drag out some photos some time.

But not tonight. Because if I put this post off for even one more day, I fear I won’t write anything for a month. There have been too many intentions and not enough action on this blog lately.

On another sidebar, is it ironic that the laptop we bought is a “Surface Pro (3)” yet I couldn’t find a single clear surface to put it down on to type this post? Much pushing and shoving had to be done first.

Anyway. Back at the ranch.

Oooh it’s game 2 of state of origin tonight! And I don’t seem to give much of a rats. Hmmm… that’s a bit sad (and very un-Queensland of me!)

So yeah, the Rocky show. It was okay. Lots of crappy food, rubbish games that cost a small fortune to play and promised big but delivered little, and of course my little Chanbe wanted to do everything. One thing we did promise was a ride on the dodgem cars, as we had had such a great time on them at the ‘Curry show.

Hence the trip to the physio. I’m getting to old for that sh*t. I think I jarred my back on those stupid cars (it was such fun though!!).

That explains the title, but the point of this post? To get some words onto the screen. Still so much to share – Darby’s lovely baptism weekend with accompanying photos is the main thing. I just need time. And space. Both physical and mental.

Maybe one day…

Oh yeah, and this was how the day ended up. It was home time. And no, we won’t be going back next year…


I think he was trying to ascertain whether there was something I like to do that might exacerbate the injury, or anything I might need to take some time off from. Is parenting a hobby? 😉 

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