Cream and sugar

I could hear scratching coming from the next room; rummaging, fossicking, and then silence.

I had two choices. Do I go and investigate, or do I drink my hot cup of coffee and enjoy my cuddles on the couch with Chanbe for just a few more minutes.

I knew it might be to my detriment, but I opted to stay in the couch on this cold and windy day. I take my 11am coffee very seriously and it would take a lot to get in the way of it.

I then went to take a look, and this is the sight that greeted me:


She was supposed to be having her daytime sleep.


But, obviously, smearing zinc cream all over her arms and legs seemed like a much better use of her time.

I have started planning some baby-proofing measures for Darby, but it seems I need to Quinn-proof a few of my drawers first.


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