10 things

  1. Darby is finally eating food and not just rubbish squeezy things! He loved the cauliflower and chicken soup I made last night. Yum.
  2. The lady who put my groceries through at Woollies today was maybe in her 50s and she was wearing no make up and was so pretty. I wanted to tell her but didn’t know how.
  3. We’re having 10 people over for dinner tonight. So just the usual weekend night at our place.
  4. I forgot to put yeast in the bread mix this morning. Making second loaf of bread now.
  5. We made it home in the kombi with only small dramas.
  6. I’ve started thinking about this year’s Christmas cards.
  7. We’re working on getting renovations started at the beginning of next year.
  8. I’m so sick of buying things (like appliances) and being asked for my name and address and phone number and email and blood type. Just sell me the damn thing!
  9. I slept in until almost 10am yesterday. Thanks Hubs.
  10. I’ve chosen a piece of furniture I’m going to restore. Watch this space…


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