This wasn’t supposed to happen

When Mum arrived on Friday (yay!) I began willing myself not to get sick. My body has a habit of putting the guard down once mum arrives in the scene. It’s like “yay she’s arrived! Here’s a sore throat, runny nose and whopping sinus headache. Enjoy!”

But this? This is too much. A tummy bug woke up Quindy (and in turn the rest of the house) around 3am and not much sleep has been had since. I had to leave half way through the gym session because my guts started rumbling. And a couple of hours ago, the inevitable.

I’ve been in bed all day – something I haven’t done for a very long time. Thank goodness for my mum is all I can say. I just hope she doesn’t come down with anything! Because then who will get me cold drinks!

Thankfully it seems to have been a fleeting thing with Quindy as she’s been fine since 7am. I’m hoping I will get away with the same…

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