Happy birthday boys

We celebrated Chance’s 5th and Darby’s 1st birthday last weekend, and what a celebration it was. There was meat. A lot of meat. And kids. Many many kids. But the thing that there was the most of, was presents. So. Many. Presents. Chance was absolutely beside himself! Thanks to everyone who was able to come along to celebrate our boys birthdays!!

My beautiful big 5 year old boy. A number 5 racecar track cake as requested.



Gran & Darby in their matching party shirts.



My beautiful family. I’m feeling so lucky right now.



The obligatory cake-eating photo. You can see Chance’s here and Quinn’s here.



Chanbe offering the cupcakes around, and sneaking a few in here and there.


My little Darby-doo. Thank you for being our little spark of joy every single day. No matter what adult-related-rubbish is getting me down, I just have to look at you and everything is okay in the world. You love to get down and boogie just like your Mama, and I hope you never lose that desire to move to the beat. Our little angel.






And Chancey-pants how you make me smile. You are so inquisitive and really are starting to work things out for yourself. I need to remember that you’re not a baby anymore, and that everyday you are looking to learn something new. Help me to remember to be curious as well, and remind me to have fun more often and not be so serious. You inspire me to ask why. Never stop asking why, my dear boy.


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