My big boy

Chance started prep today. He was so keen to get into his uniform this morning. He asked me if he was the most perfect prep boy ever.


He wanted a Star Wars backpack but all the ones I found were cheap and rubbish. So Hubs and I decided to hit up the Army disposal shop in town for a black canvas backpack, then it was off to Spotlight for the fabric. And hey presto!


I also love that it’s a one-off so he’ll always know which bag is his. I think he likes it.


And the books! Oh the covering of the books! I secretly love it 🙂


Since Hubs is home on study leave, he took some time out this morning to be a part of Chance’s first day which was lovely. The kids crammed into the pram and off we went on this stinking hot morning.


We were obviously hanging around too long at drop off time, as Chance very politely requested for us to “please leave now”.

And the verdict? “It was even better than kindy!” And let me tell you, this kid LOVED kindy.



  1. Wow Chance looks so grown up. Such a nice start when the children ask the parents to leave…. He was obviously well prepared. Hope the year continues to bring smiles to his face. Xx

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