Happy Birthday Grumpy

We have just had my parents up for a few days visit for my Dad’s birthday, and as usual the kids had a fabulous time and were spoilt rotten, and I got to have a few sleep-ins which I have seriously been in need of. And of course Gran and Grumpy got to have some lovely time with their grandkids. Win-win-win! On the afternoon of their arrival, it didn’t take long for the Mini Magnums to appear! And as you can see, Darby has learnt to say “cheese”!


With Mum and Dad being around, I got to have a child-free session at the gym on Friday morning which is always nice for a change! And after a fairly low-key day, Dad served up an amazing slow-roasted beef which I accompanied with creamy mash and greens. Sooooo good. After which, we had CAKE! Chance requested a spider cake, which I happily obliged.



I didn’t actually get that many photos during this visit (Mum got a heap) but a wonderful long weekend was had by all. We finished up the celebrations on Monday night with my kind of Magnum. There was nothing mini about this bad boy!


(I look tired and a bit frazzled here, as we had spent much of the day lounging around with our neighbours, and having a few drinks while partaking in BBQ’d goodies! The best was yet to come that evening!)

Dad always says to anyone who will listen, that grandkids are the best thing ever which always makes my heart sing. Happy birthday Dad. You’re a wonderful father and a fun and fantastic Grumpy.

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