Towers of Tomorrow

Rocky has had a couple of impressive Lego events in the past year that the kids and I have been to. Remember Brick Event? I still talk about that! Today we went along to the Art Gallery to have a look at the Towers of Tomorrow display and to do some building of our own.

I say “we” and “our” but I was merely the chauffeur. Chance and I went with our friend’s teenage son who lives down the road who my kids adore (as do we) and who is always up to playing whatever the kids want.

So while I read my book and blog, they were busy building their creations.


The display consists of sky scrapers from around the world and they are super impressive!


Recognise any of them?



The final masterpiece



Brick event is still my favourite just because it was so interactive and the people who ran it didn’t have the “look but don’t touch” attitude of the previous one we went to. I really hope it comes back to town this year!

In the mean time, there’s always our ridiculous Lego collection to keep us occupied. 20170105_145816

And yes we are finally starting to sort it!


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