Three hours

I’ve spoken about what I can achieve in five hours, but today it was three. I had a sizeable list to get through today – go to the gym, ring up about swimming lessons, call our builder about a few loose ends, do two loads of washing. When I woke up at 6.05am I was full of optimism. I wanted today to be productive so I could cruise through the weekend.

By 7.15am my body had other plans. I hit a wall. I was so tired after the breakfast rush and two school lunches made, as well as the huge day we had yesterday and you know, the whole gestating thing. I had a little lie down in bed and thankfully the kids played nicely for the next hour. I knew by 8am that going to the gym was off the table. I think I would have lasted through the warm up before collapsing in a heap. I got the kids off to kindy and school, then Darby and I headed home.

I thought if I had a little rest on the couch I might bounce back. I put a movie on for Darby and while he watched (and played cannonball with me) I dozed on and off. By 11am I was feeling very drowsy. After feeding Darbs an early lunch we both went to bed around 11.20.

I really should have set an alarm.

Ah 1.55pm I awoke in a sweat. Literally. It was so hot and I was so disoriented. Hubs was supposed to be home around midday, that’s why I didn’t set an alarm. I figured he’d wake me up. After a text, I was advised he was just finishing a few things off and that he could come home in time to pick Quinn up and then Chance.

So I accidentally had a three hour sleep. Seriously!? Three hours!? And got absolutely nothing on my list done. In some ways I’m a bit annoyed at myself, but I have also learnt to listen to my body and just go with what I need at the time.

There’s always tomorrow.

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