Ready for a coffee break

Mum and Dad, aka Gran and Grumpy arrive in the morning and it’s not a moment too soon let me tell you. It’s been hot up here this week and normally I can just accept it, ignore it, and power through it, but the school and kindy run, which features an excited two-year-old running away from me has just about undone me. Who decided that 2.30pm would be a good time for kindy to finish?? Seriously! It really does cut the afternoons short. You know what would be a better time? 3:30.

I know it’s not all about me but that would really make my life a hell of a lot easier. At 2.10pm it’s just so hot to put Darby in the pram and walk down for pick up.

And I need to get into some kind of morning routine when Quinn has kindy and Chance has school. The places are only about 500m apart and there is a 10minute start time difference but trying to get out of the door and get there on time has proven difficult so far. I even drove this morning and that’s just ridiculous.

After a late start and cupcake decorating for kindy, followed by insistence of spelling and reading practice that I could hardly argue against, followed by teeth brushing, sunscreen application, everyone getting down to the pram, a forgotten bag, a case of upturned cupcakes and subsequent tears (mine) I admitted defeat and grabbed the car keys.

Sometimes you just gotta take the easy option. And with my parents here all weekend, I’m looking forward to some hot coffees, uninterrupted showers, maybe even a nap or two. Oh yes. Bring it on.

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