My quiet sleeper

I really had no idea what a comfort a noisy sleeper could be. When Darby was born and was in the bassinet next to me I could hear him through the night, snuffling and grunting away. He would fidget and move around a lot and it was a constant reassurance that he was, in fact, okay.

My little Julius is the most quiet, still sleeper I believe I’ve ever had. You really have to look hard at him to see his tummy gently rising up and down, and he doesn’t make a sound.

Utterly angelic and sweet but hard on the new baby mum nerves. Yes I’m surprised as well, that even fourth time around I’m constantly checking if he’s still breathing. It’s what we do!!!

He really is such a delight. Sleeping a lot (thank you mild jaundice!) feeding well and settling well. So far… Who knows what’s around the corner. So for the time being I’m just enjoying it and soaking it all in.

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