Having babies is easy

It’s having kids that’s the hard part.

We are knee-deep in newborn baby deliciousness over here and boy is it delightful.

Seriously this baby is gorgeous in every way.

It’s my two older children, the ones who know better, who are giving me grief at the moment. I swear there is no middle ground with them. They are either being completely wonderful and helpful and perfectly well behaved, or they are being disobedient, disrespectful little turds, pardon the French.

Honestly they have swung from the two extremes a dozen times today alone and Hubs and I are left looking at each other in bewilderment, scratching our heads and wondering who the hell these kids are.

Darby on the other hand is just doing his thing, and cementing himself as the cute little clown that he is.

Not that you would know they are being little ferals when you look at photos like this.

Oh yeah,perfect angel right there…

“Mama can you please take a picture of me and my favourite plane?” Yes dear.

Hubs is off work for the next two weeks so I’m hoping that gives us time and energy to spend some extra time with these two monkeys to sort them out. Oh and to toilet train Darby. It’s going to be a fun fortnight..

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