What a great night!

So as I mentioned, the main reason Mum was up this week was so that Hubs and I could go to our neighbour’s 30th party in town on Saturday night. It was fun getting all dressed up, but very weird leaving the house without Jules. I decided not to feel guilty though, as he was being well looked after by mum, and if I needed to, I could always pop home to give him a feed.

Oh my goodness we had the BEST NIGHT! Jules settled okay for Mum (it took a bit of rocking and cuddling but he didn’t want the expressed milk) and we stayed out dancing until the last song at 1:30am!

So much dancing to cheesy music with Hubs and these gorgeous girls!

The thing about a big night out is the morning after/next day. But Mum had that covered as well. It was time for their visit to Mount Morgan! So off they trotted around 9am and they didn’t get home until after 2pm. We had some recovery coffee and Hungry Jacks with the birthday boy, and after that we decided to take full advantage of child-free time and watched a movie during the day! Wild, I know. It was such a nice recovery from a fun night out. Thanks Mum!!!! And happy birthday Hobbsy!

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