And the winner is…

… Toowoomba!

Just in case you haven’t heard, we are heading to Toowoomba for 2018.

Hubs didn’t get onto the Orthopaedic training program this time around, and this was one of our “just in case” options that we are really happy about. But the thought of moving? It’s kind of put me into a bit of a spin. I know I’ve done it before (many many times) but this time it’s with four kids, and we’ve been here nearly three years. That is a lot of kids and a lot of stuff.

Oh and did I mention the renovations? Yeah, they are still being done around us. It’s all time and money, both of which we do not have much of at the moment.

So here’s what the next five months are looking like for us:

The kids and I will be down in Brisbane (staying with my parents at their NEW HOUSE at Woody Point! Woo!) for the September School holidays – Looking forward to lots of catching up in that time, including our 20 year High School reunion. Wait, that can’t be right…….. 20 years!?? What the hell!? I’ll also use this time to pop up to Toowoomba to check the town out, maybe pick up some school enrollment forms, and just get a good feel for the place.

At the end of October, Hubs and I are hoping to go on our yearly pilgrimage to Melbourne for PAX Aus, just with Jules, and leave the kids with my parents for a few days.

Then in the middle of November, which is not quite three weeks after we get back, we are heading to Cairns for 10 days for a course for Hubs (only three days), and a family holiday that we tacked on to the start of it. We are also (hopefully) being joined by our friends who we met in Townsville who are now living in Victoria, and it’s Chance’s 7th birthday while we’re there. And we somehow managed to find a Stayz house right across the road from friends who live there, who we met in Ingham. What the!!???

Then a week after we return, we are holding our farewell to the house and to Rocky party on the deck – it’s going to be huge.

Then the following week (the last week of school) I’m planning on packing up the house and being ready to leave on the first weekend of school holidays. That way we can have the house empty to get it painted and anything else finished, ready to rent it out.

Yes, my house is going to look beautiful after I leave it 🙁

Then I’ll be heading to Toowoomba to hopefully line up a house for us to move in to in January, when Hubs will join us and start his new job at the end of Jan, just when the kids are ready to start school.

Then it’s Christmas, and then we will be moving and starting all over again. Again.

Gosh I have so many feelings about this move. Probably all of the feelings. Overwhelm, angst, sadness, excitement, dread, bewilderment, happiness, and many more. I look around this house and feel like it’s been both a blessing and a curse. We have been blessed to have met the most wonderful people here, and to have spent many an occasion on our deck and in our yard. But the renovating business is not for the faint at heart. I don’t ever want to tackle a project like this again, but we had to learn the hard way!

This was supposed to be a quick update about where we are at, but I guess it just reflects the craziness of our lives at the moment. I know that in six months time, we will be settled in a new house, in a new town and meeting new friends, which is both exciting and completely terrifying. Wish me luck!




  1. Awesome!!! I think you’ll love it in toowoomba and your vic years should get you ready for the winters over there ;-). And only an hour to us and just under 2 to redcliffe will make the family happy.

    I always get this old town vibe from there. All the older places and buildings gives it that surrounded by history feeling and even with so much going on and through the town it’s still easy to find quiet spots to relax still but still has some new luxury type places to go to and if it’s not there it’s only an hour to the big smoke to find it :-). And the touristy things just within an hour for the kids to see and do should help keep them entertained 🙂

    Can’t wait to see you more!!

  2. Renae, Toowoomba is a lovely place and so much closer to your families. It is much cooler, but cheaper. You’ll be fine and will be settled in in no time.

    Wishing you the very best.

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