Did you notice?

Those of you who were in the central Queensland Coast region today may have noticed a drop in oxygen levels and a rise in CO2 levels today. I take full responsibility and apologise for that.

I was taking a LOT of deep breaths today.

Look it hasn’t been a great 30 hours. It started when Chance lodged a rather large splinter into his foot at around 3pm yesterday. We spend from about 4 until 9pm (not continuously, obviously) trying to get it out but by the end of it he had worked himself up so much that he wouldn’t let us near him.

I tried again when he was sound asleep, a technique my mum used to use (and I woke up once during it!) but I just couldn’t do it and I didn’t want to traumatise him any more.

Julius has decided that he is in fact a normal baby and after a few weeks of sleeping through pretty much every night, we are back to 2-3 feeds each night. Which I really can’t complain about – he literally feeds for 5 minutes then guess to sleep.

Anyway after a rough evening, a rough night and an early morning start for Hubs on fathers day, I decided to take the tribe to church. Darby pretty much didn’t sit still for the entire time, not that I minded, and to be honest I  was too tired to be concerned. It was draining but I had decided that I was going to have a calm day today, hence all the deep breaths,  and that’s what I stuck to as much as possible.

Anyway we had some nice quiet time where I did some meal prep for the week and then Hubs came home to finally open his presents. He then took Chance to the ED to get this damn splinter out. It took a bit of gas and a few bad knock knock jokes but it was out!

The deep breaths continued into bedtime where at one stage 3 out of the 4 kids were upset about something or other.

Anyway all’s well that ends well and I’m in bed before 10pm so that’s a good result.

Happy fathers day honey. You’re the best xx

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