10 things on the 10th

10 ways I know I’m “such a mum”

1. I fold clothes while I’m watching a movie on a Saturday night

2. I make comments during the movie like “well that’s just ridiculous”

3. When my kids say they don’t like something I’ve cooked them I say “what’s not to like?”

4. And “how do you know you don’t like it if you haven’t even tried it!?”

5. And “just three more bites”

6. When Darby hands me his jumper and says “can you put this on?” I say “it won’t fit me!”

7. I hide veges in their spag bol.

8. I can find things even if the kids have looked “everywhere!”

9. I have a seemingly endless supply of all the kid’s favourite snacks. And how I wish they all had the same favourites!

10. This.

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