Five to go

It’s nearly the new year people! Five blog posts and I’ve hit my 250 in 2017 target. I think I’m going to make it!

I would like to have written some longer posts this year but most of my blogs have been written on my phone and it’s just too tedious and painful.

Hubs and I have big plans for our next house. First priority for me is to set up the desk and study nicely and neatly so it’s conducive to me sitting down and writing more.

Big plans I tell you. We are on the same page in terms of wanting to reduce the amount of stuff we have, and then keeping the place more tidy and enjoying more time with the kids instead of spending all of our time picking sh*t up off the floor.

We are also tightening the purse strings a bit to help us pay off some debt and not be in such a hurry to spend our hard earned money.

Big plans people. I’ll be doing a recap post in the next few days. Stay tuned….

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