10 things on the 10th

10 things I never got to tell/ask Frith

1. That his best mate bought a Kia family car. I knew Frith would have given him so much curry over it and it would have been hilarious.

2. That he was enough. Right there and then. That he was enough.

3. I never got to share my awesome password that I made up for my main password list that is the MOTHER of all awesome passwords.

4. That I would have done anything to make him happy. If I could have.

5. That his mate and I had talked about sending him on this awesome medical camping trip in Tasmania this year.

6. I would have asked him if there was anything he thought he might like to do differently in our life.

7. That the school the kids now attend is “allergy aware” instead of “nut free”.

8. That we could have had a simple life and been perfectly happy.

9. I would have told him to be a teacher for a few years. Like an actual teacher in a school.

10. Could I have ever thought to ask him if he had ever ever thought about ending his life? I don’t know.

These are not regrets, or things that keep me up at night. Some of these things do weigh on my mind a little, but I’m trying not to feel regret over them. It’s just how it is.

Frith in his natural habitat ❤


  1. Every time you patiently listened to one his crazy ideas with love and care for him you were telling him he was enough. Every time you said yes to them you did make him happy.
    Just like hospitals, schools have burocracy and highrachy that would have gone against Frith’s nature and spirit. I know his an awesome teacher but unfortunately he wouldn’t have been able to “just teach” which could have crushed his passion for teaching.

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