10 things on the 10th

Things that Frith never got to do. Some of them I might put on my to do list…

1. Go to PAX Prime – We went to many a PAX Aus, but Frith was always drawn to where it all began, in Seattle. We were making plans to go in the next few years as a family, and make a trip out of it with a medical conference or course as well.

2. Live in Canada – I was a bit unsure about this one, but was prepared to go over for a year, once Frith was fully qualified.

3. Do a TED Talk – I even bought him a book about how to deliver a TED Talk, such was my belief that he could do it one day. Choosing the topic would have been the hardest part.

4. Work in Antarctica – back in Wangaratta while he was studying, he attended a conference, and the keynote speaker at the conference dinner (I was very pregnant with Chance there!) was a recruiter for Doctors in Antarctica. As we were listening, I was watching Frith’s eyes light up. I told him he could definitely do it once the kids were a bit older.

5. Sail from Brisbane to Cairns and Cairns to Cape York – he read Jesse Martin’s story about sailing his hobie cat up the Queensland coast with his dad when he was a kid. Frith always wanted to do that, and we even started talking about the logistics and support crew at one stage.

6. Live in Perth – even visit Perth! Even though he’d never been, he used to tell people how awesome it was (it is!) and that he wanted to live there one day.

7. Have a 5th baby – he was chasing that prime number. (Note: I shan’t be adding this to me “to do” list 😉 )

8. Watch Rain Man and Jerry Maquire – two of my favourite movies that I would quote often, and after years of hearing my quotes, he started using them too, even though he had never seen the movies.

9. Be around for Incredibles 2 – I just saw that this is being released, and the first Incredibles movie was always one of his favourites. It will be bitter sweet watching that one with the kids.

10. Have a huge kick-arse man shed of his own – he was always hopeful, whenever we moved house, but it never eventuated. The rental I found for us in Toowoomba had a reasonable sized shed, and I know he was looking forward to using it if we’d been successful getting that house.

There are so many more things he will never get to see or do, but we will do our best to see and do them for him.

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