10 things on the 10th

Random edition. I know there have a been a few random editions, and I guess it’s because that’s how my life is rolling at this time ?

1. I got ripped off on fb marketplace while trying to buy cool Bento-style lunch boxes for my kids. They took the money and ceased contact with me. Never happened before. What is wrong with people??

2. We had an awesome time at Wynnum today with the kids. They loved it!! And it was great catching up with a friend while we were out there.

3. Renovations are still going! Have had the floors sanded and polished and they look incredible. Looking at more like April at the earliest to move in.

4. I had been pretty low these last couple of months, and the last few weeks in particular. Thursday began with me almost not being able to drag my sad sorry self out of bed. Mum and dad obviously noticed and helped out even more. And then mum said to me, as I was crankily making a jam sandwich for Quinn that I knew she would barely touch, “maybe it’s time to put some music on?” And it helped. Gee it helped. Thanks Mum ❤️ I think I turned a tiny corner right then and there.

5. I’ve started seeing a new psychologist and I like her.

6. Chance is doing great after his surgery and I’d say is almost 100% better.

7. Watching My Kitchen Rules actually gave me anxiety the other evening, as the contestants were being so awful to each other!! I know it’s all heavily produced but it honestly made me ill.

8. I got to spend International Women’s Day with my uni girls. We met in our first year of uni, 20 years ago this month. It was the absolute best way to honour such an important day ?

9. I got to go out with a gorgeous bunch of ladies last night for dinner. So good!!

10. I’ve just discovered a new show on Netflix called After Life. It’s all Ricky Gervais and it’s crass and inappropriate and just what I need right now. ?


  1. I love your random editions – they’re like a snapshot of what’s going on at the moment. Here are my random comments 😛
    -I’m thoroughly disgusted with the person who ripped you off. Who does that?!?
    -The power of music is truly incredible
    -I meant to ask how you’re liking your new psych! Hope it develops into a great relationship and you find her helpful.
    -So glad Chance is on the mend! He’s such a trooper
    -My friend always tapes cooking competition shows so that she can fast forward bc she finds them so anxiety provoking, haha
    -I have so many tv recommendations, (from waking up to pump and when Sean would only nap in my arms) it’s actually embarrassing. But let me know if you need any recs! Have you seen Catastrophe? It’s on Amazon prime here.

    1. Susan I know right??? To all of your dot points! 🙂
      Yes to recommendations please! (Not embarrassing at all!) But I’m pretty limited to Netflix at the moment which is a bit annoying. Once I’m in my new place I might be able to branch out a little! Sending love and squishy hugs xxxxx

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