10 things on the 11th

I received a text message the other night from my friend Kate, of a list for my 10 things on the 10th. Kate and I have known each other our whole lives. It made me cry a little, but mostly made me grateful for good people in my life who love me and are there for me always. So here it is.

Guest post by Kate White

10 things you may or may not know about Wifey.

1. Before mobile phones she wrote reminders all over hand.

2. She did Ballet as a child. (I was jealous)

3. She was mean bass player, both the guitar version and double bass.

4. She can enter a kitchen with nothing in it and like MacGyver come out with a yummy meal.

5. She made me vomit during the delivery of my first child when she entered with some sort of curry smelling meal.

6. She has a big crush on Bradley Cooper.

7. She lived in Edinburgh in her early 20s.

8. Her heart is absolutely broken but that never stops her being a fabulous mama.

9. Despite her extremely busy complicated life she will always help a friend in need

10. Her family mean the world to her. She was happy Nanny got to meet Chance but would love to have seen Nanny and Quinn together, facing off with their stubbornness.

I love you Kate xx

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