Flashback Friday

2 years ago today ❤️❤️❤️

This is the best photo from about 20 that I took. Julius is 6 days old, Darby 2, Quinn 4, Chance 6.

There are a few blog posts around the time Julius was born that I’ve just re-read and am so grateful (yet again) that I have this amazing record of our lives for the last 12 years. Not just photos, but stories that, over time, you forget. It’s so lovely.

If you want to catch up, head here. (It’ll be newest stories up the top, so scroll down for chronological order 🙂 )

Soooo I am child-free for the next 24 hours! (Thanks Mum and Dad!!!!) I have already gone to Pilates, had 2 cups of coffee, I have a hair cut in half an hour, and have planned my dinner tonight (seafood marinara with zoodles and a hint of chilli! And a glass of bubbly) and I have to decide what movie(s) to watch. Oh I’m so excitied! I have no set plans for the afternoon, but I’m sure I won’t have any trouble filling in the time. And I get my bed all to myself.

I love my kids, and I love them more when I get a chance to recharge! Bring it on!

Flashback Friday

It’s a funny thing.

This ad came on around the time we knew we were moving to Melbourne.

Do you remember it?

Frith bought me the album for my birthday and we fell in love with the song.

It fuelled my love affair with Melbourne and has stuck with me ever since. Still gives me goosebumps when I hear the opening melody.

Memories can be a bitch.